Obedience Training

Brian Markowich has had dogs all of his life and has a true connection with and love for all animals. Brian is always happiest with a dog at his side, no matter if it's hiking, working, or hanging around the house.

Brian Markowich - Dog TrainingBrian began obedience training in 1994 with his German Shepherd and has continued through Intermediate training and has begun work in Agility. In Obedience, Brian has worked with St. Mary's Parks and Recreation (Intermediate/Advanced), Three Notch Veterinary Hospital (Puppy and Intermediate) with Ms. Helen Massey, and prepared for competition with the Chesapeake Kennel Club. Brian has acted as an assistant evaluator during Canine Good Citizen (CGC) tests and he and Griffin, his Belgian Tervuren, received their own CGC title from the American Kennel Club (AKC). Brian and Griffin have competed in matches from Maryland all the way to Wyoming. In addition to the CGC title, Brian and Griffin received the Novice A Obedience Title (CD) in 2002. In Agility, they have worked with the Salty Dog Agility Group and Pet Paradise Kennels here in Southern Maryland. Griffin and Brian are both looking forward to getting in the Agility Ring this summer as well as to continue Advanced Obedience.

Brian is pleased to offer two levels of obedience training at Three Notch Veterinary Hospital (descriptions listed below). His goal for the Puppy Obedience Course is to HAVE FUN while teaching owners and dogs basic obedience skills and to lay the groundwork for a lifetime of companionship and respect.Puppy Basic

This seven week (7 hour) course is designed to promote social skills, obedience training, understanding, the stages of development in puppies, problem solving, and a foundation for those eager to continue their training for an obedience title, the canine good citizen award and/or therapy work; as well as, the loving companion animal the entire family will enjoy.

Benefits of owning a trained dog:

  • He sits when told to do so.

  • He leaves guests alone when they are eating.

  • He will not jump up on guests.

  • He will not take over the house.

  • He knows you're the boss.

  • He comes when called and does not stray.

  • He does not strain on the leash and walk YOU.

  • He is not a nuisance to your neighbors.

  • He chews on items that are his toys.

  • He does not bark endlessly.

  • He will not chase other dogs or cats.

  • He loves you for telling him what you want because he really wants you to be happy!         

Each lesson has discussion time, question/answers, puppy play and above all, the training is in the basic skills - sit, down, stand, come, stay, etc. This class is based on motivation- through the use of food, toys, and praise. The goal is to achieve this with praise, patience, and perseverance on the part of the owner.Intermediate Level        

Training Cat

This seven week (7 hour) class is designed for students who have taken the basic obedience class and are ready to go above and beyond. This class is designed to prepare a dog for obedience competition and/or to fine tune all the elements learned in a basic class.

The dogs learn to focus on their owners, more precise foot work is learned and longer distances and times for the stay exercise are achieved.

The intermediate class prepares all dogs for everyday distraction and more control by the owner in these circumstances. It offers the socialization necessary for a well balanced dog and a happy owner.



  • Three Notch's obedience trainer, Brian Markowich, recommends the following reading materials, training guides and toys for your pets:

  • Good Dog, Bad Dog by Matthew Margolis and Mordecai Siegal

  • Dog Logic - Companion Obedience The Dog Lover's Companion to Washington, D.C. and Baltimore by Ann & Don Oldenburg

  • Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook by Delbert G. Carlson D.V.M.


  • Frisbee, Booda bones, Kong, Tennis balls, Booda Velvets, Rawhide bones (supervised)

Contact Information

If you would like to enroll or have general questions regarding obedience training at Three Notch Veterinary Hospital please contact us. If you have specific questions for our trainer, please contact Brian Markowich at 301-475-5778 before 8 pm.