Jenifer Faunce, Groomer, Three Notch Veterinary HospitalJenifer Faunce, owner and manager of  Top Notch Grooming, has a great interest and love for animals. She has been grooming since 1987. It is a benefit for both businesses, that she has chosen to operate her grooming business within our facility. While we are separate businesses, Three Notch Veterinary Hospital refers many of their clients to her to care for their pet's grooming needs. Mrs. Faunce has hundreds of satisfied clients.

Mrs. Faunce regularly attends Grooming Seminars and Competitions. She has assisted in preparing for pet shows, including the famed Westminister Shows. She is in the process of obtaining her Master Grooming Degree status and is currently a member of the National Groomer Association of America.

Mrs. Faunce is able to achieve current grooming standards, but can conform to specialty clips as requested by pet owners. She actively seeks new ideas, training, products and up-to-date grooming techniques.

Mrs. Faunce truly loves her profession and works with various pets. She grooms dogs, cats, ferrets and even rabbits.

Mrs. Faunce volunteers at the Tri-County Animal Shelter, when grooming is needed, in order to help place pets in good homes.

Here at Top Notch Grooming, we like to help you keep your pets happy and healthy. Many pet owners do not realize the various health problems that may occur due to their pet not being properly groomed.

Did you know...

  • If your pet's ears are not kept clean it may contribute to ear infections?

  • If your your pet's eyes are not kept clean, it may lead to eye infections?

  • Your long haired pets undercoat can become matted and cause skin irritations?

  • If you don't keep your pet's nails trimmed they can grow into the pads, or get caught in something and rip a nail out?    

There are many benefits to having your pet groomed by a groomer operating out of a veterinary hospital, especially if it's your pet's veterinary hospital. If there are problems noticed while your pet is being groomed, they can be brought to your veterinarian's attention. In most cases, with your permission, your veterinarian can assess the problem before you pick up your pet.

We can design a grooming maintenance program just for your pet! Ask about our special maintenance rates...

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