Why should I neuter my dog when I can prevent him from mating with another dog?

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I can keep my dog from mating with other dogs, so why is it important to get him neutered?

Neutering may protect him from cancer.

Most of us are told to neuter our pets to decrease the overabundance of unadopted dogs that are put to death in animal shelters. Although this is a valid argument, it is not the sole reason that neutering should be considered.

Unneutered male dogs have a higher incidence of certain cancers and prostatic diseases. Female dogs that are left intact are more likely to develop mammary tumors, uterine and ovarian cancers, and uterine infections. All of these medical conditions can be quite serious, and may even result in a shortened life span for your companion. Neutered pets tend to live longer and enjoy a healthier life.

Dogs that resist training may also benefit from neutering, because after the procedure they more likely to accept the owner's leadership. Neutered dogs are also less likely to roam the neighborhood -- and hence have a lesser risk of being hit by a car, being involved in a dogfight, or becoming a nuisance to your neighbors.



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