Can my cat get heartworms?

Category: Feline

Yes, cats can get heart worms.

Yes, cats can be infected by heart worms. But they do have a lesser incidence of the disease compared with dogs in the same geographical location. Female cats seem to have an even stronger resistance to heart worms than males. Unlike dogs, cats can remain asymptomatic throughout the course of the disease; eventually, heart worms in cats may die off without causing any serious harm to the lungs or other organs.

If you live in a region with a heavy heart worm incidence, it is recommended that your cat be put on heart worm prevention. This medication is safely formulated for felines and should be given orally once a month to prevent new heart worm infections. Currently, there is no safe method for killing heart worms in cats. For more in-depth information about feline heart worm disease, see the article Feline Heartworm Disease in our encyclopedia.



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